Sunday, June 01, 2014

That Name Just Trips Off the Tongue!

Late May is always one of the busiest times around our house, and I've fallen behind in updating the site, right past the end of the month! Rather than wait until I have more time to write at any length about a record I'm sharing, I'll just put this nice little Rodd-in-supper-club mode coupling, starting with the A-side, a tribute to a sweetheart with an oddly spelled name, "Neilida": 

On the flip side is another winner, "Why Do I Go On Dreaming": 

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Anonymous said...

Love Neilida! And great sax on "Why Do I Go On Dreaming"! (the whole band actually, bass player too). It's so funny, I've had this record for a while, but I only really listened to "Neilida"....seeing your comment that Side B was a "winner", I gave it a fresh listen, and now I'm digging it!!

Thanks for hipping me to it! (yet again!)