Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Halmark: The Christmas People

What U.S. company's name is more synonymous with Christmas than Hallmark? With their ornaments, commercials, decorations, TV specials, etc. etc., they could be called The Christmas People. I'll leave it to each of you to decide how good or bad a thing that is.

In honor of the Hallmark people, for Christmas Eve, here is their near-namesake company, The Halmark Records label, and two Christ-tastic offerings. On one side, heard below, you can hear about "The Christmas Message", in a typically stultifying arrangement and performance. Interestingly, just this month I received an MP3 in e-mail, of another Halmark number, titled "A Christmas Dream", set to the same backing track, and featuring what sounds like the same singer. This one, if anything, is even worse than "Christmas Dream", although it's a close race.

If you're still awake, you can reward yourself with the wonders of "The Bible Message". Not content to stop the proceedings, with a spoken word passage (as they so often did), this vocal performance contained on this "song" features nothing but narration, a sort of "God's Greatest Hits", tripping lightly through a series of generic summing ups bible stories, focusing primarily on the story of Jesus.

All in all, the ideal music for the opening of presents, whether your tradition starts as the sun goes down tonight, or as the sun comes up tomorrow.

A Very Happy Christmas to One and All!!!


Timmy said...

Thank God. We have hit a new low, this blessed day.
I really appreciate it!

Greg Rocks said...

It looks like the links are down... not able to listen or download. Are you able to re-up? Thanks.

Bob Purse said...

Hi, Greg - all links prior to early 2015 were lost when "Divshare", the online site hosting them, went belly up without explanation. I hope someday to transfer them over to my new hosting site, but it will be a massive undertaking, and I don't really know when i'll have the time. Thanks for stopping by, and for your comment.