Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sammy Ponders

Before offering up this week's seasonal offering, I wanted to provide a link, for those who may have missed it, to the post I did of TEN Christmas song-poems, at WFMU last Sunday. It can be found here.

For today's feature, we have the ubiquitous Sammy Marshall, showing up this time on the Globe offshoot Roxie label, but sounding as canned as smarmy as a Globe imprint Sammy record can, as he ponders the question "Is It Christmas Everywhere?"

As I've found is often the case with Christmas song-poems, the better half of this single is found on the flip side - the non-Christmas side - of the release. In this particular case, "better" is a relative term, but I'd certainly rather have a second listen to Sammy and his label-mate Mary Kaye warble "While I'm Still Missing You" than I would to Sammy's Christmas offering.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Bob! Thanks for all these Christmas song poems, including the ones on the FMU site (thanks for the heads up, I might have missed it!).

And thanks for the fantastic blog, sir! Always love stopping by here!

And let's never repeat 2012 again, right? What an unpleasant year, from start to finish, oof.......Good bless, and viva The Wonderful And The Obscure! Merry Christmas, Bob Purse, friend to us all!!!