Thursday, August 09, 2012

Rodd Keith - Country Bumpkin

I always get a kick out of Rodd Keith trying to sound like a hick, on the most countrified of his releases. And here's a prime example, a rather wonderful piece of ridiculous backwoods-speak set to music, titled "Rope Me a Good Looker". 

I always wonder what the writer would think, upon hearing Rodd in hayseed mode, then putting on the other side, and hearing what was clearly the same singer (and billed as such) demonstrating, via a straightforward MOR performance, that his singing on the country number was less than honest. Such would probably have been the case here, as the flip side is the completely mainstream (and desperately dull) "It Only Takes a Moment to Fall in Love", with Rodd in unctuous, lounge-singer mode:


Stu Shea said...

interesting...usually most of the "Raindrops" material I've heard was more pop/teen oriented.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't disagree with you more about the b-side. I especially love the organ solo and, just as he gets into "character" for the hick, he gets into character for the straight-laced lovelorn fool. If I had sent in that lyric, I'd be happy with the result.

And the lyric: "It takes just a moment to fall in takes a lifetime to forget that love"...couldn't have said it better myself.

Bob Purse said...

Hey there,

Everyone's taste is different - for me, there are few of those MOR styled Rodd Keith records that I enjoy - I don't think I'd often enjoy that style of song or singing by anyone. Just not my thing. But I'm glad I posted something that you enjoyed!