Sunday, December 11, 2011

Name: Santa; Occupation: Superman

All praise today to song-poem Omer Rawhouser, for his sparkling lyrical effort, "Santa is a Superman", which you'll now hear, courtesy of Gus Colletti. And praise to the anonymous Tin Pan Alley musical miricle makers, for providing such a dandy setting for Omer's lyrics. Go, cats!:

I cannot, alas, provide the same praise and enthusiasm for the flip side of this record, "When Grandpa Planted the Christmas Tree":


Anonymous said...

Now THIS is a great one!! The song poem element is slightly revealed in the "bridge' section where they just kind've stay on one chord! Great sax hootin' and bootin'...what an ending!!!!! And the flip side is beautiful! Favorite lyric: "ding a ling....ding a long"! They did a great job on this one. Probably some heavyweights. Teacho Wiltshire was on Tin Pan Alley (as evidenced by at least one record you yourself posted!)....look on the label for the Isley Brothers "Twist And Shout" says "Arr: Teacho Wiltshire"!

Keep up the great work, Bob!!

Anonymous said...

My husband was Gus Colletti. He went on to be a great Band Leader on Long Island and I had the wonderful pleasure of being his female vocalist for over 20 years (That is how we met). I have a collection of Tin Pan Alley45 rpm records he recorded but not this one. Thank you