Sunday, August 28, 2011

He Never Wins

Don't let the slinky piano opening figure fool you - it's not going to be some slinky, sexy, mysterious record, although the band seems to think this was a possibility. And the words to the song ("But I Never Win") here and there, suggest what might have been (although other lines are true clunkers). But then, the folks at Sterling assigned the track to the style-challenged Gary Roberts, and we end up with a quintessential song-poem record.

Ponderous is the word for the flip side, "Man on the Moon", handled by Shelly Stuart, who has not been featured on this site before. She did some good records for Sterling, although this isn't one of them. The song posits that the space program, and the landing on the moon, were the handiwork of God, rather than NASA, which seems to me quite a shortchanging of the scientists, astronauts and others who managed to achieve what they did in so short a time. We'll dedicate this to the Shuttle program, which ended earlier this summer.


Sammy Reed said...

Excuse me here, but -
The numbers on the record are higher than Norm Burns' last record!

I'm just not believing that this was made anywhere near 1974, much-less later!

KL from NYC said...

Just a note to tell you a Columbine single is here:
Sounds like Rodd Keith.

KL from NYC said...

Another one: A Phil Carroll/Nu-Sound single:
Maybe you should check out this blog. You're much better at picking out the song poems than I am.
The main page is at