Saturday, February 26, 2011

You May Say He's a Dreamer

Today's offering is such a favorite of mine that I can't believe I've never posted it before. It's place in my collection goes back to my earliest days of collecting song-poems.

In "Let Me Live Again", Gene Marshall gives us a rousing portrayal of a man who is praying for relief in so many areas it makes my head spin. If God is capable of getting whiplash, this is the sort of prayer that might do it. It's not enough to solemnly pray for internal improvement - for relief from being a junkie and a drunk - the list quickly expands to (among other things) freedom for children, freedom from pollution, and a wish for something that goes beyond simple peace between the races. He even wants the grass to be greener! It all culminates with a fairly soulful and wonderful excited expression of the title. All in just two minutes!

I don't have nearly as much to say about the fairly pedestrian flip side, "Forgive Me Darling", but it's almost always nice to hear Gene's dulcet tones, so by all means, enjoy it for that:

Today, I finish the updates and corrections to previously broken uploads, with total of six repaired files, across the following four posts:

Gene Marshall Meets the Big Beatle
Three Song Poems for the Price of One
More Merigail
Announcing! Song of the Week Project (the first post in this series)

Some time in the near future, I plan to upgrade the first two dozen or so posts from this blog, (prior to the focus on song-poems) when I was posting the songs themselves to an external site that required a password. It was a clunky process, which I did away with when I started using divshare, but those initial posts do not have sound files attached to them. Sometime soon, I'll rectify that, and post links.


Stu Shea said...

Boy, the b-side is dull, but that a-side is pretty darn rousing, isn't it?? Thanks!

Sammy Reed said...

I guess I'm partial to "Let Me Live Again" as well.

Well, Bob, what can I say. I didn't expect you to get all those links fixed this soon after I started b-wording about the broken links. You are to be commended for undertaking this job. I can't say it enough: Thank you VERY MUCH!

At the time I started reading / hearing your blogs, they had 2 songs by Bobbi Blake - 1 under the "Real Pros" name, and 1 as "Bobbi Boyle". Since then, you added 4 more, with more hopefully on the way.

And now you say you're going to finally let us hear the songs you commented about, but with no link to them. (I wasn't around yet when you had those links you had before.)

You're really going out of your way lately, and again, I can't thank you enough! Keep up the GREAT work!