Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Christmas Wish

Howdy, everyone,

First, (more than) a bit of housekeeping. I want to thank the many people who wrote with comments and/or solutions to the Mac problem which had been expressed to be by a few readers. I've passed that along, and I really appreciate it.

Second, I am VERY appreciative to a reader named Sammy, who, in attempting to gather all of the older material shared on this site, found upwards of 40 posts (!) where one or more tracks were no longer working, either to play or to download. A few others have alerted me to a track here and there in the past, but I had no idea there were so many failed links. I am very grateful to have this pointed out to me, and have today started a project to replace all of the broken links that I've been told about. Apologies to others who have asked me to repair one or two tracks in the past - this is the first time in months that I've had any sustained time off, and just getting new stuff up has been a challenge at times.

The fact that so many tracks have ended up broken is a great frustration to me. If anyone can direct me to a more effective way to post these tracks for download, one which is just as simple and just as free as Divshare, by all means, please let me know.

In the meantime, here are the posts that I have fixed today:

What Dance Did You Dance?
One Year In
Norris Mayhams: The Early Years
For All You Rodd Fans
It's Norm Time!
A Late One From Rodd
What the Hell?
A Song For Jackie
Mayhams Mayhem

I will update the remaining posts in upcoming days and weeks, and will post links to the repaired posts.

And now....

Today's post is a double offering for Christmas, both songs being courtesy of writer Elvie Rowland, via performer Mike Thomas, of Tin Pan Alley Records. The better of the two is "A Christmas Wish", a record typical of the minimilist style of TPA's records during this period, and a song which flies past us in less than 90 seconds:

The flip side is the far more ponderous "The Nite (sic) My Savior Was Born":


Rockin' Jeff said...

I had the same problem with old posts failing on my blog, so i broke down and purchased a one year DivShare account. It was only 20 bucks, and for those of us who only post a song every day or so, there's more than enough storage to handle it. And no, there will be no problems with your old stuff from your free account days disappearing when you upgrade.
Have a 'pledge drive' to pay for it, that's what i did. A couple of five dollar donations later and i was in business.
Check it out, it's worth the money if you can spare it.

I always enjoy the stuff you post, i'd hate to see you disappear.

Lee said...

Hey Bob - got an idea for ya.. check your gmail!

Sammy Reed said...

Were those noises that sound like Windows clicks in "The Nite My Savior Was Born" actually in the recording?!