Tuesday, August 10, 2010

She's the Wife

Here's one which is a favorite of my long-time friend Stu, one which I just obtained my own copy of, this week. It's a Rodd Keith production, although he takes a back seat on the lead vocal, turning that duty over to Suzie Smith, and providing not only the arrangement, but a nice harmony vocal. The record is credited to Suzie and Rodd, and is titled "I'm the Wife".

This is a really nice set of lyrics, and I was a bit surprised to find that they were from the pen of one of the weirder song-poets, Dolly O. Curran, who, along with her Dolly-O label, I've written about before. Paired with an excellent arrangement, the result is a first class record which, with perhaps a little tightening up of some clunky lyrics, and a few other changes, could have been something, or at least maybe in an alternate universe where song-poems competed with the "real labels" for airplay.

Please enjoy this delightfully peppy song about having a cheating spouse:

And speaking of peppy settings going with downcast lyrics, here's a happy sounding country setting about having a son die in a war. I'm certain that no non-English speaker, hearing this record, would be able to guess the subject matter.


KL from NYC said...

Mr Ed has an Action Records LP track here: http://mredmusicroundup.blogspot.com/2010/07/july-29-2010-part-2.html
by Ad Zielsdorf with The Big Sound.

(I can't download anything right now because my computer's full and I'm always on-line looking for work -- but I will eventually, so I'll be back later.)

Stuart Shea said...

Thanks for posting this, Bob. And for the shout-out. Whoever Suzie Smith was, she never left anything in the tank.