Saturday, April 10, 2010

Rock and Roll with Rodd!

I have no time for anything this weekend, so rather than blather on, I'm just slappin' up a vintage (low number) MSR record for y'all, featuring Rodd Keith (under a rarely used extra-d spelling of his alternate name, "Rodd Rogers") telling us that "Rock and Roll is Back Again":

The B-side, "Will You Think of Me?" is notable mostly (solely?) because of the billing, which reads "Dick Kent". As you'll hear, this is absolutely not Dick Kent, although I'm not familiar enough with MSR's stable of singers to know who it is.


DarrylW Bullock said...

I'd wager that the vocalist on side two is Debbi Davis, who recorded the rather fabulous Phoney Tony - MSR 661. It doesn't sound much like any of the better-known MSR women; it's definitley not Bobbi Boyle or Shari Lee (unless anyone knows better, of course!)

Stu Shea said...

This is sort of genially awful, isn't it? Mother's pies? Wah-wah on a rock "revival" record? Sheesh.

Unknown said...

Yes, this is Debbie Davies -- Rodd's girlfriend at the time -- who's gone on to have success in her own right as a blues guitarist (