Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Doodle Bug Rag

One great song-poem factory was run by Lee Hudson. He never released records under his own name (aside from things such as “Lee Hudson Orchestra” under the singer’s name), but did supply records to around 30 labels that had been identified by the American Song-Poem Music Archives (before it was mothballed). Many of these labels were vanity names, releasing songs only by one or two writers. Sometimes the only apparent connection with Globe is the presence of one or more of Globe's standard vocalists.

Here's one from the Show label - the only record I've ever seen on this label, although the AS/PMA website shows a different one for the same label. Label stalwart Mary Kaye sings a peppy number, "The Doodle Bug Rag":

The best reason to share this record, though, is because when I bought it, it still had, attached to the 45 sleeve, the marketing materials that Globe sent out to... whoever it was that received this record. The record description actually contained brief statements regarding this record on one side, and comments on another single on the other side (you can make out the print on the reverse side, in this scan):

Then there's the comment card, both sides of which I've scanned. Note that the reply card comes from Globe, while the description of the record is credited to a different distributor:

Finally, here's the "soothing South Pacific sound" of the flip side, "My Hawaii", featuring the man who truly was "the voice" of the Globe label, Sammy Marshall:


Stu Shea said...

Nice amount of care taken with this record, although the song isn't much. The steel guitarist sounds like he's been trapped in a 3x5 room for two days and can't wait to start playing!

KL from NYC said...

I'm having a good time going through everything (I already went through the WFMU posts).
If you're interested, I put up a tap dancing record (with tap dancing on the record) and an Amway singers LP #993 (which means there are 992 others -- sorry if this makes your wish list longer). They're at Grey Calx's on the first page. (He has other unusual things too, like "Advanced Elk Calling.")

Malcolm Chapman said...

Although they never issued it at the time, Decca Records had Brenda Lee record this (Doodle Bug Rag). Although to be honest, she sings it so breathlessly, maybe the lyrics are a little different.