Monday, December 07, 2009

It's Norm Time!

Time is very short today, so I'm going to dispense with my usual wordiness and just introduce one of my favorite song-poem singers, Norm Burns, sounding even more than usual like an early '60's teen crooner, on "Baby, Give Me Some Lovin'":

And here he is, in supper club mode, with "Golden Moments":

Finally, I'd like to say Happy Birthday, Dad, wherever you are. We miss you. 12/7/21-5/3/96


KL from NYC said...

Could you tell me how to find Norm Burns' "Human Breakdown of Absurdity"? It's supposed to be on MSR Madness Volume 3, but that doesn't match the WFMU Volume 3.

Sammy Reed said...

The link to "Baby, Give Me Some Lovin'" isn't working.