Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Late One From Rodd

Today's offering appears to be among the final records made by Rodd Keith for Preview, at least based on the available evidence. As my friend Stu points out, the label number for this one is within 100 numbers of the highest one found in the song poem database.

And this is a pretty interesting one, at that, capturing in ballad style, the true story of a mining disaster. The details of this event can be found on this website, which (aside from being fairly difficult to read - at least on my browser) is quite fascinating.

Here's "The Explosion of Holden 22 Mine":

The B-Side, "Blue Baby" is more of a standard issue Rodd Keith record, although it's still fairly catchy, and features a soulful vocal, and a particularly great vocal finale.


Joyce W said...

This was pretty darn good! I think Jimmy Dean and Tennessee Ernie Ford would have had some competition here. But then, I just like Rodd Keith doing country. Really good arrangement on this, too. And even the writer credit is perfect for this type of record....

Sammy Reed said...

Both of these links aren't working.