Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Choo'n Gum with Toby

Continuing in my quest to publicize the works of the late Toby Deane, here is a recording of a song called "Choo'n Gum". I know almost nothing of this recording: it was included - very out of place, actually - on a budget (bootleg, most likely) CD of sports related songs that I purchased online. Why this song was on a CD of sports songs, I have no idea.

A search through the internet shows that the song was a minor hit for Teresa Brewer in 1950, and that Dean Martin also recorded it. But regarding this version... well, a search of this vast internet of ours results in only one hit for any reference to Toby Deane's rendition, which appears to have been a budget label knockoff (on the Caravan label), almost undoubtedly around the time of Teresa Brewer's hit.

I really love her voice, and this song is just ridiculous enough to hit me as "just right", too.


The Avant Gardener said...

Man, we used to sing this song at camp! Oh the memories. I really like this version. The "We want chewing gum!" chorus sounds like it was borrowed from the 1934 musical "Kid Millions" where the kids chant repetitively "We want ice cream!" Again thank you for ripping all these records, keep up the great posts!
- Spencer

Anonymous said...

This song was based on a popular Brazilian tune and eventually became popular in Portugal and finally spread to other parts of Europe. It was often played in Paris night clubs and bars in the 1920s where George Gershwin must have heard it. He incorporated a few bars of into his tone poem An American in Paris.