Thursday, January 15, 2009

Gene Marshall Meets the Big Beatle

Hot off the Preview Label presses came this song-poem tribute to... well, one of the Beatles. Which that might have been is anyone's guess, since the lyrics are so generic as to not give the slightest clue. The title, "Big Beatle" doesn't give much away, either.

Also worth noting is that this record, with its references to hairdos and "yeah yeah yeah's", was recorded and released around the time of "Magical Mystery Tour" and the "Hello Goodbye" single, in the winter of 1967-68.

As a bonus, here's a unique track by Rodd Keith, unique in that it's the only time I know of (or that I can find referred to) that he recorded as "Rodney Rivers". This is clearly a Film City Label production, but instead of coming out on that label, this one is the only one thus far found on the Starlet label. Please enjoy "This Old World":


alerts said...
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Sammy Reed said...

"This Old World" isn't working now.