Friday, October 26, 2007

Who Knows This Melody?

It suddenly occured to me that maybe, someday, someone will drop by my humble blog abode, someone who knows the name of this melody.

The long story short here is that this unnamed tune was recorded at the tail end of the first reel of tape my family ever owned, a professional reel that otherwise contained studio outtakes by some of the big names of the early '50's. When the reel to reel tape recorder my father ordered in 1952, arrived, this reel was on the machine. I've written about it before, well over a year ago, in this blog.

My brother and I have identified the other five tracks and artists on the tape (even two instrumentals, which was a challange). But we are stumped as to the title of this short tune, which most certainly does not sound like a studio outtake by one of the big names of the early '50's! Does anyone out here recognize the melody?

Here 'tis:

The last note is gone, cut off by years of use.

There is actually more to this mystery than I've shared here, but I'll save that for another day.

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Ted Hering said...

Sounds familiar - but I can't place it. I almost think it's a school fight song.