Monday, September 10, 2007

More Merigail

After my recent post, to the 365 project, of a bunch of Merigail Moreland material, there were several requests that I post the rest of what I own of this wonderful singer. I'm going to do this in two posts, each containing multiple tracks.

(By the way, perhaps this was known to everyone but me, but clicking on the word "divshare" allows you to go to the track itself and download it.)

First up are three tracks that I skipped in submitting to the 365 days project, because I was unsure that they actually are Merigail. However, the more I listen to them, the more convinced I am, due to the little flip in her voice near the end of two of these three tracks. These are, however, the least of the tracks I am offering up today, in terms of quality, and I would guess that they predate the "Reputation" tapes from 1953 by at least some months, if not more, based on the (lack of) quality of her singing.

First, she sings a song called "Why", a song her father appears to have been trying to turn into a hit (based on the number of versions of it that turn up on these tapes), presumably with her father, and perhaps the woman who joins in later is her mother:

Next, she sings the previously heard (at 365 days) "Mommy Daddy Bye Bye" with the same man:

Then she sings "Why", again, this time with an unidentified woman, probably the same woman as in the earlier version:

Next up is a third version of "Head Cheese", which I left out of the 365 days post because it seemed sort of redundant. This is from the same recording session as the second of the two versions posted to 365:

The main focus for today, however, is the other 1953 versions of Reputation, which I left out of my post because there were just so many of them. Here we have the first recorded version with the guitarist, who appears to be still learning his part:

Next up, another take, one which followed the "you were sharp" version that I've already shared:

Here is a tiniest fragment of a take, included for completests:

And here is a version actually recorded after the "final 1953 version", but apparently rejected in favor of the better version done just before this one:

After ten years, these recordings can still make me tear up more than just a bit. Her voice connects with me on some very basic level, the joy of a child combined, at times, with the abilities of a great singer in training. I love every minute of these tapes.

Tonights project is to digitize the circa 1980 tapes of Merigail which I was sent recently, and I hope to have those posted tomorrow.


Stuart Shea said...

Thanks for posting these!
Don't rush on the least from what you played me... :)

Anonymous said...

Great to hear more of these Marigail recordings - another take of 'Head Cheese?' Bring it on. I can't quite put my finger on the curiously endearing poignancy of the Maigail story, as told via these recordings. I think it's mainly to do with the leap in maturity from those early fragile 'Reputation' takes, to the full-blown voice you hear on 'Unchained Melody' (a great version - full of all kinds of tension). Either way I've become a hopeless fan - even those fuzzy 1980 tapes have their moments. So thanks for sharing. Any more that come your way, I'll happily listen. Cheers.

Bob Purse said...

Hey, thanks Walter. Obviously I share your enthusiasm for Merigail and her story. It's possible that there are more recordings out there, and if I can get them, I will most definately share them.


Anonymous said...

Cheers Bob, and I will enjoy whatever might turn up. (Sorry for the dodgy spelling on her name!)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing all the Merigail recordings. They are very much appreciated.

Bob Purse said...

You're all quite welcome!

Sammy Reed said...

The one following the words:
"Next up, another take, one which followed the "you were sharp" version that I've already shared:"
isn't working.

Now, I don't know if it's just my computer or what. There are a lot that do work, but there seems to be more of them creeping along lately that don't.

I feel a duty to mention these problems of broken (or at least "possibly" broken) links, because each day that I know about them and don't mention them, I feel guilty that I didn't speak up. So I'm going to try to go through the links in the blog, checking for songs that don't work.

I hope you're not mad at me, Bob, for pointing these out. Thank you for your understanding.

Sammy Reed (Bobbi Blake's #1 Fan) said...

And as it so happens, with hardly any streaming audios remaining, this is the last one that I found problems with.

So I feel I have fulfilled my duty.

The songs you have here are great. Keep up the great works - and please try to squeeze us in a few more Bobbi Blakes!

Sammy Reed said...

And I thank you VERY MUCH for now getting these fixed!