Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Inspired by the recent posting, on my good friend Stu's blog, of one of his montages of sound, I thought I'd put up a few of my "Cut-Up" tapes. Stu's can be found at:


It's sort of funny, but back when I had to do these "cut-ups" with the pause button on a cassette recorder (along with another cassette player, a record player and a reel to reel), I made these tapes all the time - hours of them. Since having access to computers and programs which might make this sort of thing easier, I've made about a dozen mash-ups and a total of two of these sorts of cut-ups.

Today, I'm putting up a link to one cut-up of Harry Belafonte's masterful "Jamaica Farewell", that I particularly like, and another one of "King of the Road" by Roger Miller, which is almost as good. I typically only sliced up records I really like, not having the stomach for learning to know records I don't like well enough to effectively cut them up. My style was the random word replacing the perfectly normal lyrics of the original song. Some of these inserts may be familiar to you, others are from private recordings in my collection.

Each of these reconfigurations of popular songs were done over 25 years ago. I hope you enjoy them.


Stuart Shea said...

I think that playing with tape recorders and record players is more fun than playing with computers.

Sammy Reed said...

It sounds a few of these came from a CRC Money Maker library record. Am I right?

Sammy Reed said...

Excuse me.
"It sounds LIKE a few of these..."