Friday, July 22, 2005

The Other Songs

In addition to the Percy Faith songs, detailed above, I also uploaded two songs from 1960 and one from 1959.

"Pineapple Princess" is goofy and cheesy, but it pulls me in with the stereotypical hawaiian arrangement, and a better than usual vocal from Annette. This is really the only record of hers that I love.

"Bumble Bee" is the other end of the spectrum, a weird, almost spooky arrangement, far more poppy than I'd expect from Lavern Baker. I first heard this, many years ago, on a poorly recorded reel to reel tape of a poorly received AM radio broadcast. That could be the kiss of death, but what I heard through the muck intrigued me, and once I got a better copy, I was not disappointed.

"My Heart is an Open Book" is a left-field hit from a guy who only had a couple of hits. That this was a top three smash is yet another reason that I wish today's music and charts were more varied and unpredictable (and contained more interesting music....)

Hope any and all who are listening enjoy them!

1 comment:

Michael said...

Hey, I like the arrangement on the Annette song, and the Lavern Baker too! Wild sound on that record!! I wish the "hook" on the chorus resolved a little better, a little "songcraft" quibble, but other than that, fantastic record!!

But the OTHER one! "My Heart Is An Open Book", great! Great back ups!! Thanks alot for that one especially!