Friday, June 24, 2005

An Introduction

Well, I've been encouraged to give this a try, and I think that's a good idea. My intention here is to write about some of the great, strange and/or unknown music and other sounds which I've come across, since I began collecting in earnest, perhaps 25 years ago (and Ernest wasn't too happy about that, either, by the way).

With few exceptions, most of the sounds described here will be of the obscure or even unique variety. There will probably be a few big or small hit singles from the distant past thrown into the mix, but they'll be the exception.

It's also my intent to provide a link to sound files for most of the sounds I write about here, and will provide that link (and a password) as soon as I've actually written my first post on the subject. I've started thinking about some of the recordings, and will begin with a timely entry, some time this weekend.

I'm not sure how often time, other responsibilities and other projects will allow me to offer up new posts/sounds, but I'm hoping to find that time relatively often. I hope you find something to enjoy here.

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