Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Twisted Kilt

While many people were spending much of this previous weekend celebrating (or perhaps regretting celebrations of) all things Irish, I instead spent a bit of time digitizing a record which claims a bit of a Scottish connection, instead. That connection is mostly in the title "Twistin' In His Kilt", and a few of the related lyrics, including the obligitory reference to cheap behavior (song-poet Jack Case was seemingly so intent on fitting in this reference that he didn't even bother to work up a rhyme for the line in question!).

The Scottish connection to the music is quite a bit more tenuous, limited to a few moments of "The Campbells Are Coming", as honked on a rockin' tenor sax. The rest of the performance is vintage Sammy Marshall, here accompanied by a group identified by the very non-Scottish sounding "Tennessee Hot Doggers".

The flip side is another Sammy special, a Holiday Inn lounge sounding number titled "Honey-Honey":


Anonymous said...

Bob!! The link for the b-side goes to the A side (ie: both links play Hot Dogg)!!!

Great stuff, I'm catching up on the blog right now!

"We Gotta Go To The Moon" is a classic Gene! And yeah, we gotta, damn right!

howstean said...

Songwriter Ed Morley was my mother's sister's husband's brother, from England, and had several 45s on Big Ben, the most infamous being "Does A Chinese Chicken Have A Pigtail" sung (!) by Nervous Norvus, which was issued on CD by Norton Records a few years ago.
I've not heard these songs yet but look forward to them.