Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sammy Dances Again!

A few months ago, I posted a pair of songs written by John Koproski, released on his family's Silver Records label, and mentioned that his son, John Jr., wrote a couple of Sammy Marshall dance classics which have turned up on Song Poem compilations.

Today, here is another John Koproski, Jr. record, and it's another winning dance number, performed yet again by Sammy Marshall. The oddity here is that although both the Song Poem Website and a different Silver Records discography shows this record to have also been released on Silver (with the same flip side), my copy is on K-Ark Records of Nashville, which appears to have been more of a Rockabilly label, with no clear link to the song-poem business that I can figure out at this moment.

Regardless of all that, this goes along with "Twist and Turn" and "Rock and Roll Boogie Beat" in the pantheon of great Sammy Marshall movers and groovers!

The dreary flip side, "On My Bended Knees", was not only listed as the A side of this record, it was also recorded for Silver, previously to this release, by another artist (George Bryan), with a flip side to that version titled "A Dancing Pair of Shoes". How many of you would guess that the "Pair of Shoes" song was rewritten a short time later as "A Dancin' Date With Sue"?

The plural in the title of this song makes it sound as if the singer is praying to his girl, rather than proposing, doesn't it?


Sammy Reed said...

"On My Bended Knees" has this strange sound to it that is like either:
1. The tape used to record the master for this wasn't completely erased,
2. There was another song using this soundtrack and different lyrics, and the previous vocal track couldn't be completely done away with.

Stu Shea said...

And once again the bass player does not seem to have gotten the memo.