Thursday, February 03, 2011

Tropical Dreams

Another weekend, another college visit. As a result, I'll have to keep this brief, and also bypass the broken file updates until next week. Most people have probably had enough of the winter weather that's hit most of the states the past few weeks (not me - I love snow, and generally much prefer winter to summer, being no fan of heat - although I'm even more partial to spring and fall). However, bowing to the majority, here is a favorite singer of mine, Cara Stewart, offering up her tribute to "Hawaii", on the relatively rarely seen Top Fifty label, out of Cheyenne, Wyoming:

Unfortunately, this is not a twin spin for Cara, as the flip side is handled by Johnny Michaels, who I suspect may be the same singer who was sometimes billed as Jeff Reynolds, on records with a connection (as this one has) to Lee Hudson. This song also pays tribute to the 50th state, casting the islands as the home of the singer's "Lovely Lady".

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