Friday, February 18, 2011

At the Hop!

Before I get to this week's offering, I've forgotten for two weeks now to alert any of you that might be interested that I made a post to WFMU which has a bit of overlap with the song-poem world. It's my second visit to the amazing releases on the Fable Label, some of which may have been song-poems, all of which are wonderful in their own way. That post is here.

There is almost nothing I could offer up in comment about today's featured song, a Tin Pan Alley number called "Joe and Sue Doing the Hop", that won't be addressed better by just listening to the record itself. I'm sure you won't be disappointed - thank me later. Here are the Melodiers:

Please note that the above song was written by Del Rush, who wrote the equally amazing "We Like the Kentucky Hills", which I offered up in my final post for 2010.

The flip side, "Peace of Mind", is notable for using a modified blues progression that Tin Pan Alley performers used over and over again on their records, for another set of winning lyrics, and for another singular performance by the Melodiers.

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