Thursday, March 04, 2010


For a brief time around 1966, the Tin Pan Alley label released a handful of records under the name "Lance". Not Lance, but "Lance", always in quotes. The ASPMA website lists less than a dozen songs by this artist, although it seems possible to me that the same singer turned up as "Billy Grey" (no quotes on his records' labels), a short time later. Here's a keen ethnic number, called "Hat Me Father Wore", offered up a few weeks in advance of March 17th, in order to give you time to download it, transfer it to a CD, and have it ready to blare out of your float at the St. Patrick's Day Parade:

If that wasn't to your taste, or even if it was, here's a straight ahead rocker, complete with poorly constructed melodic lines and incompetent vocal phrasing, "Who's Going to Kiss You?":

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KL from NYC said...

I want to Thank You for your blog. I "discovered" song poem records fairly recently (from Mr. Ed's blog) and appreciate the history and label scans you post along with the mp3s.
You might want to check for the Beulah 45 on Preview Records that Mr. Ed recently posted. He also came across a non-song poem LP (I think it was from a Las Vegas hotel show) that featured Rod from Preview records -- it was done not long before he passed away. It's difficult to search his blog, so you might want to e-mail him about that one.
I hope this helps with your research.
Thanks again.