Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Whisk Him Off!

Well, we all had fun last week doing the polka in Arizona, but now it's time to go to a region where polka is something of a local religion - Wisconsin. And here's our friend Rodd Keith/Rod Rogers, along with his pals in the Swinging Strings (as the folks at Film City termed Rodd's five nimble, talented fingers on this recording), in a peppy request, "Whisk Me Off to Wisconsin".

This has everything I look for in a one man band Chamberlin vocal - an upbeat tempo, some interesting choices for voicings on that keyboard - especially the organ-esque fills, the choral 'ooh's' and the string section on the brief instrumental break. The handling of the key change near the end reminds me of a similar turn around in an all time favorite of mine "Go Daddy Go". See if you don't agree!

In comparison to "Whisk Me", or even if heard on its own, the flip side "Peace of Mind", is a turgid piece of music, with Rodd at his slimiest and smarmiest. I could do without this record entirely - it seems to go on too long, even at barely over 90 seconds.

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Timmy said...

Both of these are treasures, in their own way.