Friday, May 03, 2013

Caveman Music!

I've seen very few records on the Caveman label. There are only two in my collection, I've seen two others on other blogs, and there are only four listed at the AS/PMA site. It seems to have been one of these catch-all labels, putting out the products of a variety of other song-poem factories, producers of vanity recordings and who knows what else. Based on the records I've seen or which are listed, I can't see any direct connection between the various Caveman records (i.e. the same company, the same writers, etc.) that are often so evident on the smaller song-poem offshoot labels.

Of those Caveman records I've heard, one is far and away the best, and it's also the one which actually sounds like it could be caveman music. That record - one of my favorites ever - can be found at another wonderful blog, here. I'm partial to "White Rose Gal" but both tracks are a hell of a lot of fun. Have a listen, and thank me later!

Today's item on Caveman Record features the very un-caveman like Cara Stewart, doing what Cara Stewart did best, singing in a lovely voice over a slinky Lee Hudson backing track. The words of "Sugar" could stand to be improved quite a bit - I'm fairly certain, for example, that "much" doesn't rhyme with "church", and the phrase "I just idolize your charms" is not one which rolls musically off the tongue. But if you just lean back and let Cara's voice work it's magic, none of that will matter by the time the record is over.

As much as I wish this was a two sider for Cara, the reality is that the flip contains another typical performance, in this case, Sammy Marshall, Samming it up on a forgettable Globe entry titled "Dewdrops":

Interestingly, although the Caveman numbering system seems to be virtually at-random (various releases have  three digits, four digits and five digits), AS/PMA shows a record with the exact same label number as this one (81462), but minus the C/D following the number, having been released as an EP, with both of these songs on one side (and both identified as being sung by Sammy Marshall) with two Joan Auborn songs on the other side.

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Stu Shea said...

Good track, good vocal, awful's a song-poem! I am hoping against hope that the "Meaux" credited on the label is Huey, but that's probably too much to ask.

Thanks for posting!!