Friday, November 09, 2012

A Special Record

First, let me just take a moment to say:


And another moment to breathe a sigh of relief.

It's been a special couple of days here in the old U.S.A. And what better why to celebrate a special event, than with a special record. And what could be more special than a record on the Special Records label? Well, how about a record on the Special Records label featuring a song called.... wait for it... "SPECIAL"! Here's Sammy Marshall, barely hiding himself under the name Sonny Marcell, to tell us all about that special someone:

The Special label seems to have been a custom label for a customer of the Globe song-poem factory, living in the Virgin Islands, perhaps the writer of these songs. U. A. Milligan. On the flip side, Sammy/Sonny will regale us again with Milligan's song "It's Your First Impression of Me".

So.... what was your first impression of Sammy Marshall?


Stu Shea said...

Note that on the b-side, the lyrics are "first impression ON me," which is completely opposite from the title phrase!

Anonymous said...

Ha! Bob, what an election, huh?! Wowie zowie! I thought Obama would win....but I had no idea that the victory would be so sweet!! And widespread!

My first impression of Sonny Marcell/Sammy Marshall (et al) was......I think it was Jingle Mint Twist....I thought what a happy sounding guy.....and who's that playing bass and blowing all the changes!

And then I started cackling! (I still do whenever I hear that record!)