Saturday, November 06, 2010

The Country Side of Rodd

Things have been crazy busy the last week at home and work, so I'm a little late with this week's record, plus, I really don't have the time to offer up much comment, aside from pointing out that the Chamberlain backing heard on this early MSR release of Rodd Keith's "The Old Swinging Gate" is not exactly the best accompaniment to what appears to have been an attempt at a countrified vocal performance and setting:

And here's the flip side of the same, "Treasure":


Stu Shea said...

This has the wiped-out sound of his other MSR 45s, huh? Arthur Renshaw was also the writer of the fabulous "Hot Pants." Thanks for posting these!

reservatory said...

Well now, the divshare links for these two are kinda flaky. I'm on a Mac w/ Firefox 3.6.13. First they didn't show up at all, so I opened Safari 4.1.3 and they both did. Then back to Firefox, reloaded the page and only the second link showed up. I seem to remember this happening before, but the downloads (which I've probably never thanked you for posting) usually work fine. So, uh, thanks!