Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Watergate Blues

Here, from a late-era Preview 45, is one of my favorite singers, Gene Marshall, offering up the lament of so many Americans of that day, the “Watergate Blues”. Although the lyrics (supplied by Ernestine Gee) are clunky in places, there are some pretty good turns of phrase here and there, and I think maybe someone could have cleaned this up a little and made it into something, if that was the business they'd been in.

Either this one was played to death, or (more likely) it’s just an example of the dreadful pressings produced by Preview near the end of their run. Hopefully, the poor sound won’t impact your enjoyment of the performance.

The flip side, “Nice Day” has even worse sound quality, but what shines through here is the head scratching lyrics. Not only were they apparently so non-musical that Gene Marshall had to go straight to the recitation, just 23 seconds into the performance, but there are a couple of phrases here which are not, as far as I know, part of the English language. I guess “Cheer Lobber” could mean something or someone that throws good cheer to you, but “Picks Up Your Dobber”??? Maybe a listener out there can explain that one to me. Feel free to feel completely bemused:


Rockin' Jeff said...

Long time listener- first time caller here... I just had to chime in and say that i enjyoed the have a nice day song quite a bit. Strange. But strange is good.

Darryl W Bullock said...

Hi Bob. I reckon you've got a duff pressing - I featured Nice Day back in August 2009 on and mine certainly sounds clearer, although it could be that yours was played to death by someone who actualy liked it - maybe even the author?

I love Nice Day, it really is one of the stupidest song-poem 45s I've managed to get my hands on. Kepp up the good work!

pspealman said...

New here - but lets me congratulate you on "Nice Day" it is, frankly, absurd.

Stuart Shea said...

I've heard people use the expression "don't get your dauber down." I'm told it means, roughly, "don't be depressed."

Stuart Shea said...

And sure, "Nice Day" is ridiculous, but so is "Watergate Blues"! The hand ache and the health ache? The door is open and it's swinging wide? What is this person talking about?

Syed Mushtaq Hussain Sajjadi said...

the songs were great,,,,,,,
thanks for sharing.