Sunday, May 09, 2010

HALMARK: Sound of Excellence

I thought we were overdue for a little Halmark label music. Here's a typically stultifying track, with lyrics by the wonderfully named Kiro Obelkovski. The vocalist is identified as Bob Storm, but he's joined here by an unnamed over-emotive female vocalist, most likely Dodie Frost, although I can't say that for certain.

There's a certain dearth of complexity to these "Valentine's Day" lyrics which causes me to find them really enjoyable - there's really not three minutes worth of words here, are there?:

The flip side "The Galveston Rose" has a more typically preposterous Bob Storm vocal, with a sad, sad tale. This lyric revisits a theme which has no doubt been around in song and story for centuries, never handled more dully than here:

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