Wednesday, May 09, 2012

The Song-Poet as Comedy Writer

Every now and then, the song-poem collector (well, at least this song-poem collector) is surprised by a the work of a song-poet that is not only designed to be funny, but one which actually succeeds at being deliberately humorous. While today's example is perhaps far from the greatest example of absurdist humor that you're likely to hear, it is a nice effort, with some unexpected turns of phrase and several moments that had me grinning and saying, "wait.... what?". See if you don't agree as Gene Marshall tells us about CHick Sandone's view of "Walkin' to Work": 

On the flip side, Chick Sandone offers up a much more typical song-poem subject, what it feels like to be left behind by the love of one's life. Unlike the flip side, "A Wrinkled Note" never gets past the cliche level, and even Gene Marshall turns in a less than adequate performance, actually going significantly out of tune on a few occasions. 

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