Thursday, February 28, 2013

He Better Pull Out!

Since, by most accounts, my recent post of a Rodd Keith feature did not actually feature Rodd Keith on lead vocals, I thought I'd come back to him sooner than usual. And while the second half of today's record has been readily available for some time, I still thought this record was worthy of a feature, due to the previously overlooked A-side.

I'm not always a fan of Rodd's country stylings - I think he sometimes sounds like he's too obviously ridiculing the material - but on "Pulling Out and Pulling In", he has everything firing just about perfectly, starting with an unusually clever lyric, complete with punchline. Then Rodd attached that lyric to a perfectly suited arrangement, featuring a nice guitar solo, and effective give and take on the chorus with "The Raindrops". As nice as the flip side is, and despite that other song having been chosen for a compilation, I think this is the stronger of the two songs and performances.

The flip side is "Don't Throw My Love Away", which was featured on the wonderful "I Died Today" CD of several years ago. This one is in the 1960's adult pop wheelhouse, and wouldn't have been out of place in the repetoire of a Dionne Warwick or her contemporaries. Rarefied air, indeed, and I can recognize the depth of talent and style here, without really enjoying this as much as many others do - it's not really my thing.

Again, although it has been out there and available for ages now, I'm sharing it here for completeness sake, and for those who may not already have it:


Sammy Reed said...

Well, at least now you don't have to worry about people saying "That's not So-and-so" like the last 3 times in a row - which again, featured some very-close-sounding singers! Maybe you could do an "Is it or isn't it?" topic with more close ones, if you can dig them up?
Anyway, as I listened to these, and looked at the labels, one interesting thought entered my mind:
What was UK4M-0275 like, and why did they not include it in the 45?

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Thanks Bob!!!

Roaratorio said...

Trainspotting department:

UK4M-0275 is "Song For Marie", by the 'Rodd Keith Singers,' on Preview 1311.