Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Halmark Love Letter

It's St. Valentine's Day! And I know that when we speak of love, and of song poems, there are those of you who love the Halmark label (and what better label to choose than one which is almost spelled like Hallmark, the company that bring us all of those holiday cards?).

Here's a Halmark special, featuring a superbly nasal performance - I think that's Jack Kim, but my recent singer identifications have been repeatedly called into question - on a love letter in song, titled "I'll Stand By You".

On the flip side, we have a female Halmark singer (whose name I don't know), singing over a backing track I don't remember hearing on a Halmark disk (a real rarity in itself), in an supremely boring religious number, "Where Shall I Go?":

It's St. Valentine's Day! For those of you who love the Halmark label (and what better label to choose than one which misp


Anonymous said...

Halmark! On Valentine's Day! Ha! Thanks, Bob!!

Sammy Reed said...

Yeah, that's Jack. And although some of her words are "accented" (or whatever) differently than we usually hear her, I'm pretty sure that's Mary.

Darryl Bullock said...

Oh yes: Jack and Mary without doubt. I've seen them variously referred to though as Kim and Kimmell; do you think Kim could have been their stage name?

Sammy Reed said...

These past 3 posts have had people who perhaps had off-days when they recorded the things.
The song a couple of weeks ago could be either Rodd Keith putting on some kind of low voice (and face it, putting on different voices (eg. the "hick") was something Rodd did quite often), but then again, maybe it wasn't. Too tough to call.
I'm inclined to think that "Kissy Face" from last week did sound like Bobbi Blake on an off-day. "Prison Blues", on the other hand, I think was the usual singer on those earlier man-and-his-Kimball recordings on Cinema. This may have been an off-day for him as well, and it affected his voice in a way that he actually sounded kinda like Gene Marshall this time. I guess Cinema was in a transition period from just having that one organ & singer to adding more (although it was just one more at this point) instruments and singers.
This week's offering featured, I'm pretty sure, Mary Kimmell in probably another off-day moment.