Thursday, November 22, 2012

Gene Gives Thanks

It's a very busy week and day here at our house, as we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving, so I'll forgo my usual verbosity.

To all of you reading this today, and anyone who stops by in the future, my thanks to you for stopping by, and for sharing my love of song-poems (and other rare, wonderful and obscure music). For those celebrating Thanksgiving, I hope yours is everything you hope it will be, and for everyone else, I hope you have things of your own to celebrate and give thanks for!

Here's Gene Marshall, with some words of thanks for the day, if you can make them out through the horrendous surface noise, in his rendition of "A Thanksgiving Prayer":

More prayerful offerings are on tap on the flip side, in the song "Oh Lord, Bless Everyone":

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Anonymous said...

Hope you had a great holiday, Bob!! This blog is the greatest! Much appreciated!

I have a Norm Burns Thanksgiving song, I'll try and find it for least by next year! (it's not very's called, I think, "Our Thanksgiving Blessings....Are Great!" (if you laughed at that, it doesn't get better than that!)