Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Kisses From Rod

Welcome to post number 250! If I had an MP3 of a fanfare, it would be here. Lacking that, it's still time to share something nice! Something that looks like this:

And there's never a bad time to share one of Rodd Keith's "Rod Rogers" records for Film City, and here's another winner, a bouncy slow twist number called "When We Kiss", complete with some patented genius Chamberlin orchestration - here identified as "The Film City Orchestra" instead of "The Swinging Strings", and, including a nice faux sax section solo section. Enjoy!

The flip side, from the same song-poet, is not in the same league as "When We Kiss". "All of My Heart is an example of Rodd in lounge singer mode, a little of which goes a long way with me, but the some listeners mileage may vary. Even within the averageness, there are some nice moments, such as the momentary solo around the 1:25 point - I wish there was more of that!

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Stu Shea said...

"When We Kiss" is a sweet little song.