Monday, February 13, 2012

A Halmark Valentine

Hey you! Yes, You!!! It's getting late to get that special person that special Valentine's Day gift. If you're behind on this essential task, may I suggest that you simply present that special guy or gal with the dulcet tones of Bob Storm, singing this Halmark label special, "I Want Our Love to Last" in his best Bob Storm way!:

On the flip side, it's Bob Storm again, with a standard-issue come-to-Jesus style song poem, in this case, titled "Follow Him", which is notable mostly (if at all) for the peculiar clippity-clopping western style backing track that label Honcho Ted Rosen chose (and seems to have claimed to have co-written, which seems unlikely):


Stu Shea said...

I would assume that Ted Rosen bought those backing tracks lock, stock, and barrel, and then put his name on both of them.

KL from NYC said...

Is it me, or are these starting to sound normal?

Thanks again.

Timmy said...

That's just great. I mean this is some of the terrible-est shit I've ever heard. Thanx.....!