Saturday, March 27, 2010

Stich Stampfel

Many, perhaps most of those reading this blog have heard Stich Stampfel's classic vanity/song-poem hybrid record of "If I Could Only See Your Face", and perhaps the background notes written about it. It was part of one of the two online song-poem albums released a few years ago (for which I was happy to provide a couple of records).

If you're not familiar with this song, or those two albums, they can be found here and here. Stich's song can be found on the "Rat-a-Tat Tat, America" compilation.

What those notes don't mention is that "See Your Face" was actually the second submission that Herman "Stich" Stampfel made to Sandy Stanton's Action Label. Today, I'm offering up the other of those two singles.

As with the other record, it's pretty clear that Mr. Stampfel submitted a demo of his own performance of the song, and someone in Stanton's outfit overdubbed a Chamberlain track to fit the existing vocal. The result is that the record sounds essentially like a Rod Rogers-era Film City production, but with a far different vocalist.

Here's the A-Side, "Don't Know Who You Are":

And the nearly identical B-Side, "I've Loved and I've Lost":

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KL from NYC said...

I must have listened to hundreds of song poem 45s in the past few months (I'm kind of new to this) and I'm still surprised when I find one that would make a good pop single (I've got almost 100 mp3s in my "good" folder, so I really shouldn't be surprised at all).
This A-side goes into my "good" folder.